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European Plant Breeders' Rights (EU PBR)

With a granted EU PBR, your plant is protected in all countries within the European Union by European law. The Community Plant Variety Office, CPVO in short, is dealing with EU PBR. This office is located in Angers, France.

An application consists of two parts: filing the application with the CPVO and sending plants for the so-called DUS test. 

During this test your plant is checked for distinctness (how does it differ from all other known cultivars), uniformity (do all samples develop similarly or are there (large) differences in development) and stability (are all characteristics stable or do they revert; for instance: green leaves in a variegated cultivar). 

DUS tests are performed by national stations in EU countries, entrusted by the CPVO. 

After a positive DUS test EU PBR is granted for your plant. The grant has to be maintained, by paying an annual fee. After a maximum of 25 years your rights terminate. This cannot be extended.  

We are specialized in preparing, filing and accompanying your PBR applications. We have no commercial interest in your application and we do not work commission-based or against a percentage of sales of your cultivar.  

Please send the filled-in form (download via icon on the right) to Ronald Houtman Sortimentsadvies and we will contact you to discuss possibilities with you. 

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