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Plant descriptions for U.S. Plant Patents (USTECH) and applications

Contrary to EU PBR, a United States Plant Patent is based on the information delivered by the applicant. When applying for U.S. Plant Patent, the applicant needs to file a detailed plant description with the application. The application is meticulously checked by an examiner, after which (in most cases) the patent will be granted. 

An application for USPP roughly consists of two parts: the Plant Information Form (PIF) and the technical plant description (USTECH), with a photo set. Before actually filing the application, several documents need to be signed by the breeder. Once granted, there's no annual maintenance fee to be paid. After 20 years your rights terminate. This cannot be extended.  

We are specialized in preparing you application for U.S. Plant Patent. Because a patent can only be filed from within the USA, we work with several agents in the USA. We have no commercial interest in your application and we do not work commission-based or against a percentage of sales of your cultivar.  

Please send the filled-in form (download via icon on the right) to Ronald Houtman Sortimentsadvies and we will contact you to discuss possibilities with you. 

The technical plant description (USTECH) is a highly detailed plant description, made from live plants. Wij have been specialized in making these descriptions for over 20 years. Further we make numerous plant descriptions for third companies who prepare U.S. Plant Patent applications for their companies. 

A technical photoset, following specific specifications, is part of the description. We can prepare this for you as well. 

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